UChicago HCI Club

About us

Welcome to the University of Chicago "HCI Club", a space where we connect faculty and students that are interested in the broad area of Human Computer Interaction. Our meetings happen regularly every two weeks (for now on Zoom) and cover a wide-range of student-chosen topics such as: "what makes a good project/thesis" or "how to advance careers in HCI" and also more specific topics, such as paper reading groups or presentations.

Mailing list (for announcements)

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The HCI club is a broader initiative by students and faculty of UChicago and does not belong to the Human Computer Integration Lab. So, no matter where you are coming from on campus, if you are interested in HCI, join us!

Joining our meetings

Please subscribe to the our mailing list to get the Zoom password. Check below if an event happens in person (in which case the room number and time will be announced) or via our zoom room.

Meeting Schedule

No.  Date Topic Organizer
22 Aug 3rd, 11AM CST Mirela Alistar (CU Boulder, Guest Talk).
Pedro Lopes
22 June 29, 11AM CST Noura Howell (Georgia Tech, Guest Talk).
Pedro Lopes
22 June 15, 11AM CST Thijs Roumen (Hasso-Plattner Institute) on Portable Laser-Cutting (Guest Talk).
Pedro Lopes
21 June 8, 11AM CST Roshan Peiris (RIT) (Guest Talk).
Pedro Lopes
20 June 1, 11AM CST Katia Vega (UC Davis) (Guest Talk).
Pedro Lopes
19 May 25, 11AM CST Patricia Alves-Oliveira (University of Washington) on Human-Robot Interaction (Guest talk).
Pedro Lopes and Sarah Sebo
18 May 18, 11AM CST XR Midwest meeting (joint gathering of the labs of Michael Nebeling from UMichigan, David Lindlbauer from CMU, and Pedro at UChicago)
Pedro Lopes
17 May 5 CHIcago symposium: our students present UChicago CS's ten CHI 2021 papers. You can watch all the talks here (Youtube Livestream). Pedro Lopes
16 Feb 16 Andrea Parker (Guest talk)
CDAC and Marshini Chetty
15 Dec 8, 11AM CST Sam Spaulding (Guest talk) on "Towards life-long, multi-task personalized robot learning companions"
Sarah Sebo
14 Nov 10, 11AM CST Ken Nakagaki (Guest Talk) on "Designing Experience at the Intersection of Materials and Machines"
Pedro Lopes
13 Oct 27, 11AM CST Nabil Alshurafa (Guest talk) Pedro Lopes
12 Oct 13, 11AM CST UChicago HCI Meet and Greet (breakout rooms on Zoom) HCI/HRI Faculty
11 Sep 29, 11AM CST Helen Huang (guest talk) on "EMG-based Human-machine Interface" (also with live demo from Jun Nishida) Zoe Liu and Jun Nishida
10 Sep 1, 11AM CST Sara Sebo: "Social Dynamics in Human-Robot Interaction"
Pedro Lopes
9 Aug 18, 11AM CST Ihudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu, Angela D.R. Smith, Alexandra To, and Kentaro Toyama (guest talk) on Critical Race Theory for HCI
Jasmine Lu
8 Aug 4, 11AM CST Robert Kovacs (guest talk) on large scale fabrication
Pedro Lopes
7 Jul 21, 11AM CST Miranda Wei on Twitter Ad Targeting and Jake Reichel on South African Mobile Users' Privacy on Facebook and WhatsApp (USENIX Security 2020 Presentation and Discussion) Marshini Chetty and Blase Ur
6 Jul 7, 11AM CST Breathing (reading group)
Jas Brooks
5 Jun 23, 11AM CST Doing User Studies in the COVID era (Discussion) Marshini Chetty and Blase Ur
4 Jun 9, 11AM CST New Materials bring new Engineering to HCI Shan-Yuan Teng
3 May 26 CHIcago Remote Symposium (eight talks from ACM CHI 2020) Pedro Lopes, Marshini Chetty & Blase Ur
2 May 12, 11AM CST Embodiment
Zoe Liu and Jun Nishida
1 Apr 28, 11AM CST What makes a good research question? Blase Ur and Marshini Chetty